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A Daily Morning Routine For Great Healthcare

Binge-watching all the shows on Netflix, sitting in front of screens for hours, this is all we did in the last few months of lockdown, haven’t we? Lockdown definitely wrecked our everyday routine and has made us super lazy. Following ‘A daily morning routine for great healthcare’ seems like a hard task to us now! 

Netflix Morning Routine

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Now that the world has started to unlock gradually, we too are getting back to our old routine to a considerable extent. However, it is probably getting hard with every passing day to get back to the normal exhausting schedule. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, we have been relaxing since too long to get back to normal all of a sudden. Although, it is crucial.

The lockdown has probably left us sleeping till late hours and waking up exhausted too. This is happening to us because we did not have a decent morning routine for the last few months. Also, it’s not just you, the lockdown has left most of us in a super lazy state. 

However, it’s not too late to think of a healthy morning routine. You have perhaps started thinking about how to make your mornings perfect, do not worry. Here are some simple tactics that can make you active in the morning. 

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Why A Regular Morning Routine

Before getting started on the ways to begin your mornings perfectly, you should know why exactly do you need a morning routine? The most important reason behind this is its long-lasting effects. Making a decent morning routine now will stay with you for a really long time. Your body will be benefited with it even after years from now. 

A morning routine helps in relaxing your mind, body and soul. Many times, we feel tired and weak even after having hours of sleep, as a result of this, the rest of our day also goes in tiredness. The reason behind this lack of energy may sometimes be that you are sick. However, if you are physically fit and still don’t feel like waking up, then the problem is probably in your mind. Everyone needs a little motivation to wake up. So you need to ask yourself “Why are you waking up?” This question alone has the ability to give you the motivation you are lacking. Also, this question will help you so much in deciding your morning routine. 

Morning Routine

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Establishing a morning routine boosts your body with the activeness you would need through your long day. Along with making your body feel active, a regular morning routine also gives you some time to communicate with yourself. It lets you recall the tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day, ultimately giving you time to plan your day out.

Hence, we can now say that a healthy morning routine is very important to lead a calm, stress-free and decent life. So, let’s dig in on the things that you need to add in your Morning routine List!  

What To Do? 

Loads and loads of suggestions can come your way if you ever ask about what to do first thing in the morning to be fit. Well, it completely depends on what your day-long schedule is. Solely intense workout or just eating heavily in the morning won’t make your body fit. To be fit, you need a combination of both workout and eating. 

By workout, we do not mean going solely to the gym. Your workout has to be according to what your body needs. A 30 minutes walk early in the morning, common exercises like squats and crunches, it can be anything, that too for just 30-40 minutes. People who find it hard to do exercises prefer going for a long way in the morning. And, if you are not a going-out person and also not the exercise type, you can go for Yoga. It works for everyone, the benefits of Yoga are uncountable. Yoga keeps your body fit and mind relaxed. Not only your internal organs would get activated, but Yoga will do wonders to your skin as well. Yoga improves blood circulation in your body and gradually improves your skin health, giving you a glowing skin. 

Yoga For healthy life

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Your Eating Habit! 

After working out or exercising, you cannot just go and start your day, you obviously need to have your breakfast. People often eat something light and then take off to their day, their energy gets drained till the time they get their lunch. The reason is obvious, how can you expect your light breakfast to provide you with long-lasting energy? To get instant and more energy, one needs to have a heavy breakfast. By heavy, we mean loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

Also, if you decide to give yourself a light workout session or Yoga, it is better to have something to eat even before starting your workout. Do not eat too much before your workout session though. Some sprouts, dry fruits or an instant energy-giving fruit like a banana would work. Moreover, do not eat anything immediately after you work out. Have a short break, then have your heavy breakfast. 

Fruits For healthy life

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Having fruits in the morning is the best thing one could offer to his body. Whether you go gyming or you do Yoga, fruits are the best to have at breakfast. However, a fruit solely is not enough to give you the energy you want. Along with a fruit or two, you can have a sandwich or porridge and you are done! 

However, in today’s busy schedule, it seems to be a long process of cutting and peeling and then having a fruit. Given the long process, people are getting more inclined towards juices and drinks. The ones that are made with Cold-pressed technology are winning over people’s hearts. Cold-pressed Juices assure to give your body all the nutrients and vitamins in the most natural way possible. Having these juices every day can keep you really fit and active. This is the reason cold-pressed juices are making their way into many people’s daily routine. 

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Is This All? 

We all know that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, does this mean that you should have only apples on a regular basis? Are the other fruits and veggies not important to have? Obviously No! You need to have an apple a day with a healthy diet to be fit. Similarly, just a good morning routine cannot keep you fit in all senses. Following a daily morning routine will majorly boost your health for the long run. However, other than these working out and eating habits, there are many small things that you have to pay attention to. You follow your healthy morning routine without missing out a day, but what is the use of it if you have not accompanied it with other healthy habits? With a healthy breakfast, you also need to have the right lunch and dinner. You can have your regular everyday lunch. But do try to have a light dinner every day. Do not eat too much in one go, rather have snacks in between your lunch and dinner to keep yourself full of energy, this will keep your digestion strong. Though it is okay to cheat on your diet schedule sometimes, you should try to follow your diet as strictly as possible. 

Sleep well

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Also, when you are planning to follow a morning routine for yourself, keep in mind that you wake up on a regular time every day. For waking up at the same time, you need to sleep on a decided time every day. Although, keep in mind to get optimal sleep of 7-8 hours regularly. You can plan your morning routine and decide your sleeping time according to your convenience. Also, Drink as much water as possible and keep yourself hydrated. Give yourself sufficient sleep. There are loads and loads of small things that we do in our routine that can affect our body and mind health. 

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