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A Simple Guide To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin

Everyone’s life today is compressed within a regular routine that needs to be followed very precisely. Whilst conquering our long busy schedules, we also need to take care of our body inside out. But the problem is, who has the time? Everyone seems to be in a hurry that they do not get the time to follow a simple Guide to get Healthy & Glowing skin 

Today, our lives seem to be impossible without mobile phones and laptops. All our work is done with the help of these screens. But have you ever thought about how negatively these screens affect your body? 

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Deciding to live with the least usage of this technology is maybe near to impossible for us, but taking care of our body while using this technology surely is possible. Taking care of the body inside out is a complex task. Although if done right, this task can become very easy for us. If you ever look for tips for glowing skin, you will get a never-ending list of home remedies, products and foods. Some tips and remedies would work, some would not and some may even have negative effects on your skin. Whether oily or dry, human skin is sensitive and they do require proper care and nourishment. 

Home remedies can surely help in nourishing your skin, but a very major role is played by your diet in keeping your skin nourished and glowing. A good diet helps in preserving your skin’s natural moisture and oils. Nothing can give you a better glow than this natural moisture and oil. However, to follow a healthy diet that keeps both your body and skin healthy, can be a little confusing. Yet, do not worry! We got you covered with a simple guide to get healthy & glowing skin! 

A Simple Guide To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin
A Simple Guide To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin

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From the diet tips to beauty tips for glowing skin, you will find everything right here! So, keep reading.

Go Natural!

Most people think of makeup as a shortcut to get the right glowing skin. Yes! Makeup surely helps in hiding your pimples, scars and dark circles, but that all stays for a very short span of time, right? It gives you glowing skin for a short time but its negative effects remain on your skin for a very long span of time. The moment you remove your makeup, you are back with your real skin. The skin which already was dull has now become worse due to those makeup products. This is because makeup products have chemicals in them which are not suitable for your skin. There are very few products that ensure to be chemical-free or organic. 

A Simple Guide To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin by juiceapp

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Also, you may have been using regular health and glow products for your skin like creams and sprays, but finding ‘the one’ that gives good results is difficult. What to do then? Well, go natural! Try to use makeup that has certified itself as paraben-free or organic. There are many emerging brands which offer only chemical-free products to their customers. They follow ayurvedic remedies and make their products with natural processes.   So, next time you buy your makeup, do not forget to look for the details. Try to know if their products are paraben-free! 

Save with some natural remedies! 

Getting yourself chemical-free skincare products can sometimes cut you off on a lot of money. Although, giving yourself proper skin care is also important. In such a situation, you can avoid buying these expensive products and go for something homemade. Try to serve your skin with natural home remedies. Instead of applying expensive makeup and creams, soothe your skin with some free natural ingredients that you have around you! Some of the most common ingredients that nature serves for our skincare:  

  • Neem
  • Aloe vera
  • Turmeric
  • Sesame 
  • Honey
A Simple Guide To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin

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These are some ingredients that can keep your skin nourished. However, they can be used for different purposes as well. We all have heard what wonder can neem leaves do if you have pimples. Just apply the paste of neem leaves twice a week and see the magic yourself. Along with neem leaves, the bark of the neem tree has also proven to be effective on acne-prone skin. Use Aloe vera if you have oily and irritating skin. Aloe vera gel works great for soothing skin irritation. 

Honey, sesame and turmeric work great to maintain the natural moisture of your skin naturally. Ingredients like tomatoes, curd and lemon also can be used to nourish the skin. Just once in a while, use these beauty tips for glowing skin and you will see what wonders it can do to your skin! 

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A Proper Diet for Glowing Skin! 

To get permanent glowing skin, your diet needs to be perfect too. Having the right fruits and veggies is necessary for glowing skin. 

Okay, so you are using the best products for your skin with the best chemical-free makeup, yet you look dull and don’t have that glam look on your face? Well, maybe you are not eating right. Yes, your everyday diet plays a crucial role in giving your face that fresh glow on a regular basis. No matter how many tips for glowing skin you follow, you won’t have that natural glow if you are not eating right. 

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It’s rightly said, you become what you eat. So keep a close watch on what you eat. Every fruit and vegetable is required in some or other way to keep your body fit inside out. Although, if you are really worried about your skin, then we have got some interesting diet tips for you that you can easily follow for refreshing your skin. 

  • Eat tomato, become a tomato! We mean, add tomatoes to your diet if you need those pink bubbly cheeks. You can also go for applying tomato puree on your face sometimes if you don’t feel like eating one. 
  • Please add beetroots to your salad! Beetroots have proven to be very effective in improving skin quality. You can eat it as a salad or have its delicious soup! 
  • Start having bitter gourd often in your meals. We know that bitter gourds do not taste good, but bitter gourds help in purifying your blood. Cleansing blood can eventually give you clear skin!

With these healthy vegetables, you also need some healthy fruits in your diet. When thinking about making your skin glow, there are a few must-have fruits to remember.

  • Oranges: To get that super radiant skin, Vitamin C is a necessity. And what is a better source of Vitamin C than oranges? With the richness of antioxidants and Vitamin C, oranges help in keeping your skin from showing premature ageing signs. Also, the natural oils in oranges keep your skin moisturiser and fresh. You could eat just half an orange every day in the morning or in your salad and see your skin glowing! 
  • Watermelons: We all know that watermelons are 92% water, that means soft and hydrated skin. They also contain lots of fibres, Vitamin A, B and C and lycopene which are important to take care of the overall skin texture. Also, watermelons are both fat-free and cholesterol-free, that means you don’t have to worry at all. You can have watermelons at any time, in your salads or your snacks. 
  • Pineapples: This delightful tasting fruit works really great in removing dead skin cells from the body. The reason is their richness in Vitamin A, C and K with loads of minerals. They are also rich in bromelain, helping your skin to reduce acne symptoms and sunspots. You can have this delicious fruit in your breakfast or even add them to your pizzas and sandwiches. 
fruits for healthy skin

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  • Cucumbers: Yes! Cucumbers are technically fruits. We all know these fruits are so hydrating and have a huge cooling effect, thus making our skin super healthy and glowing. They are high in antioxidants and vitamin K, that means a fine-lines free skin with least dark circles and puffiness in your eyes. Moreover, cucumbers can be eaten literally anytime and in any way that you like! 
  • Apples: Talking about skincare and not mentioning apples? No ways! Apples are a great source of both Vitamin A and C, that help in curing a lot of skin issues. Also, Apple peels are rich in antioxidants that can fight free radicals in your body and keep it from oxidative stress. Just gently rinse an apple in the tap and consume it directly for great results. You can also have this tasty fruit in the form of a smoothie.

All the fruits can work great for your healthcare, although these mentioned fruits work the best for achieving healthy and glowing skin. Just have any of these delicious fruits once in your day and you will see your skin all shiny and glowy and bubbly! 

Follow these tips in your regular diet to make your skin glow for the long run. There are many more small things that can be followed in the diet, though these were some important ones. 

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Say hello to fruit juices!

We often fail to include whole fruits in our diet no matter how committed you are. Sometimes it’s due to unavailability, sometimes you just don’t feel like eating one. In this case, the best alternative you have to get glowing skin with a fit and healthy body is fruit juices, here is why!

In your long busy schedule, if you do not get time to follow all the beauty tips for glowing skin, fruit juices are for your rescue! Try to have juices once in your daily routine and you will slowly see the results yourself! Fruits and vegetable juices hydrate your body, refresh you inside out and also provide you with lots of energy. Even if you are too busy to give your skin separate time, you can still find time to drink a glass of juice every day.


Cold pressed Juices For healthy Skin

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For people who do not like eating all those veggies, put them in a juicer and make juice and give your skin a refreshing change! 

There are many brands out there which offer numerous types of juices in many flavours. But any random juice can’t give you the benefits, you need to find yourself a great juice to have. And when we talk about natural and pure juices, what is going to work better than Cold-pressed juices? Cold-pressed juices are the best juices one could ever ask for! These are juices that aim at giving your body all the nutrition out of fruits and vegetables in the most natural way possible. 

These tips for glowing skin are sure going to help you. If followed in the right way, these tips won’t let you feel the need for health and glow products for skin! 

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Now that you have our guide to healthy glowing skin, you are probably thinking of giving your body some amazing nourishment with natural juices. If it is so, then you are in the right place. Juiceapp has a vast range of 100% natural and pure Cold-pressed juices as per your requirements. Fruits and vegetable juices here, have been made with the Cold-pressed technology to preserve all the nutrition for you.

Moreover, our juices have no extra preservatives, water or sugars added. This ensures that you will be drinking the purest form of fruits and veggies. Also, we offer a wide range of juices with mouth-watering flavours for you to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Order your pack of cold-pressed juices from Juice app, today!


Can I get a customised pack of juices for skincare from Juiceapp? 

At Juice app, you can find a variety of juices cold-pressed with love to give you all the nutrition. They have juices of fruits and vegetables mixed together and also of fruits separately. You can customise your package and select the juices of your choice that would fulfil your skincare needs.

Are the products of Juiceapp natural? 

Everything that the Juice app has to offer, is 100% natural and pure. Their juices are Cold-pressed, that is the most natural form of juices. The smoothies and shots that they offer are also natural and pure. No added preservatives, water or sugars are present in their products. If you are looking for pure drinks, Juice app can be your number one destination.

How can I order my juices from Juiceapp? 

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Juice app offers a vast variety of Cold-pressed juices, shots and smoothies. Alike juices, their smoothies and shots are also 100% natural, pure and healthy. Hence, having their shots or smoothies on regularly is recommendable. Also, their products are loaded with healthy nutrition and are made to give you instant energy, so you can totally plan on having them on a regular basis!