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Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juices In Your Daily Routine

People are nowadays conscious of their health more than ever before. Almost everyone is going through the fever of keeping themselves fit inside out. And the question that is getting everybody confused right now is, ‘what are the benefits of Cold-pressed juices in daily routine? Well, do not worry because we have got the answers to all your questions related to Cold-Pressed Juices. In this crisis of Covid-19, It is very crucial for you to be fit and boost your immune system while being at home, and Cold-pressed juices are the best way to do so. 

Although, the real question is how to be fit with juices when you have a busy long day to conquer? An important role is played by your everyday diet. It is rightly said that you become what you eat! From fruits to vegetables, everything is necessary to be included in your diet. From your breakfast to your dinner, every meal that you eat has to be proper and sufficient in order to get the right energy. 

A long list of do’s and don’ts can be made if people are asked about the things that keep a body healthy. Hot water with lemon, bitter gourd juice, porridge once in a week, cut down on sugars, and so much more can be heard from people who themselves do not follow these tips. Many kinds of eating and drinking habits exist that can keep our body fit. But the truth is, who has the time? In this era of readymade products and short-cut processes, no one has the time to follow all the rules of being fit. People go towards what is easy, what can be done effortlessly. So, when it comes to being fit, people do not prefer to cut down their eating habit, they instead look for something that can be added to their routine, in order to keep their body fit.

Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juices In Your Daily Routine

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Given the preference, most of the people are today highly getting inclined towards having healthy juices and drinks. People are driving their attention to healthy juice cleanse. People are understanding the benefits of Cold-pressed juices in their daily routine. India is slowly becoming the fastest growing market for juices. Juices and drinks have always proven to provide instant energy and refreshment. Plus, their delicious taste is something that is loved by everyone, be it a child or an adult. When one has no energy to eat something in sickness, fruits and veggies are given to him in the form of juices, only because of their numerous advantages. From weak digestion to acne-prone skin, juices have the ability to cure every problem your body is going through. 

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Although, every random juice cannot be trusted in the market. There are various juices and drinks of different brands that are available in the market, with their own specialities. The best of juices are the ones that are made with the Cold-Press technology. You must have heard this term. Although, not many people know what it actually means. These juices are, no doubt, fresh in our country but have made a place in our market very easily. As people are getting more and more conscious about keeping themselves fit, they are exploring their minds even more for this cause. For all the busy people out there, Cold-pressed juices can be your best partner in health. Here we have got you covered on everything that you need to know about Cold-pressed Juices. 

What are Cold-Pressed Juices? 

Firstly, what is Cold-Pressed technology? Cold pressing is the method of processing raw ingredients like fruits, vegetables and greens by first crushing them and then pressing them out to extract juices. 

Now you are probably wondering what is the difference between Regular normal juice and Cold-pressed juice? Well, normal juices are made with those juicers you will find in your kitchen. The fresh juice that we drink is made from Centrifugal juicers. These juicers use sharp blades that spin under ultra-fast speed to extract the juices out of fruits and vegetables. Due to the ultra-fast spinning, those metal blades produce heat, which breaks down the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Also, the fast-spinning of blades lets air into the process, which oxidizes the juice. This eventually leads to further destruction of the healthy enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables. So you are definitely having freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, but it won’t be able to give you as much health benefits.

However, if we talk about the process of how Cold-pressed juices are made, they are made with a special juicer that uses hydraulic pressure and slow pulverizer to extract juices. This technology uses no heat in the process of extracting juices. This process is done at refrigerated temperature and at least exposure to oxygen. This way, all the good-for-you vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables get into the juices in the most natural way possible. Now you probably know the role that cold-pressed juices can play in your well-being. 

Cold Pressed juice

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Why Cold-Pressed Juices? 

Now that you know what is Cold-press technology, you probably know how beneficial it is. Since they are made with zero heat, cold-Pressed juices preserve all the good stuff for you to have, And who does not want all the good stuff out of their favourite fruits? Also, juices play a big part in the detoxification of your body. 

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Have you ever thought of all that delicious processed food you have had, the beers you got drunk on, that extra sugar and carbs that are refined! The taste of all these foods and beverages, for sure, won over your heart, but what about its effect on your body organs? Now you can’t expect your digestive system to work efficiently. Out of the many benefits of having cold-pressed juices, one is that sticking to a cold-pressed juice keeps your digestive system stress free. These juices let your organs heal by giving them detoxification. They keep all the toxins and ailments away from your body and help in keeping all your organs actively working. They give your body and mind, an instant sense of refreshment. Moreover, unlike other foods and drinks, juices are full of enzymes that can be easily digested and absorbed by your body, making it easy for digestion and yet, giving you no feels of hunger. 

Not only your inside organs but Cold-pressed juices take care of your appearance too. From your skin to your body shape, cold-pressed juices can enhance everything. Adding them to your daily routine can help you in weight gain as well as weight loss, you just need to give yourself the required combination of fruits and juices. Also, adding juices to your everyday routine will work for you in the long run. You will not have to compromise on your eating habits in your 60s! Cold-pressed juices will give you overall health benefits. ( Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juices )

Moreover, Cold-pressed juices help in controlling your cravings and also deal with the problem of bloating.

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Fast and Easy! 

In today’s time of long busy schedules, we often do not even get the time to have a proper breakfast. Due to improper breakfast routine, we later feel weak or exhausted from our work, our battery totally breaks out. 

We know that you cannot take a break or push your daily routine to have a proper breakfast. Then, what can you do? Here Cold-pressed juices are the answer. Due to their health benefits, you will feel instant energy and refreshment boost every day. Make yourself a Juice cleanse diet plan with cold-pressed juices and get started for your day! Also, cold-pressed juices offer a great variety of combinations of fruits and vegetables. This makes it beneficial to have cold-pressed juices on a daily basis, that too with great taste.

'Raw Fruits'

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There are many brands out there which offer cold-pressed juices to be delivered at your doorsteps. You can get yourself One-day detox cleanser pack or 1-day juice cleanse pack and give your body a break from all the toxins. Just place an order for yourself and you are done!

Now that you know about the benefits of cold-pressed juices in your daily routine, you are probably planning to add Cold-pressed juices to your everyday routine! Wondering about where to get your juices from? Stop right here, because you are in the right place! Order your healthy and delicious Cold-Pressed Juices from our Juice app. With no preservatives, water and extra sugars added, we have 100% natural and pure juices in a broad range of fruits and vegetables. 

You can have our collection of juices with vegetables and fruits ( like Spinach, Carrot, Apples, Pomegranates, lemon, Ginger, and so on) mixed together in Urja, Ojas, Niroga, Vajra and many more. These juices will keep you energetic throughout your long busy day and its taste would win your heart. We also have juices considering solely Fruits in flavours like Pineapple, Apple Anar, Sangam Mix, Coconut Crush and many more, to give your body a healthy and delicious refreshment instantly. Add these super healthy Cold-Pressed juices with heavenly taste to your routine, today!


Does Juice app provide its juices in the form of monthly packages? 

Juice app provides a wide range of natural and healthy cold-pressed juices, smoothies and shots. You can get these juices and drinks on a monthly subscription basis. Also, they provide the option of customization, so that you choose your drinks according to your body requirements.

Are the juices from Juice app really healthy? 

Juice app provides 100% natural, pure and hygienic juices that are extracted by using Cold-Pressed technology. No heat and oxygen are allowed to get in the process of extracting these juices, hence preserving all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins of juices for you. Moreover, these Cold-pressed juices have no extra water, preservatives or sugar added in them. This makes these juices a healthy and tasty way to get nutrition and refreshment.

How can I get my pack of Cold-pressed juices from juice app? 

You can order your pack of Cold-pressed juices from their website. They are also available on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. So you can also contact them on their pages and get further details.

What varieties of products does Juice app offer? 

You will find a vast variety of drinks including Cold-Pressed juices, shots and smoothies on Juice app. Every drink they offer is completely natural, pure and heavenly tasting. All their Cold-pressed juices, shots and smoothies are made with the aim of providing your body with its daily requirement of nutrition.