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Weight Loss With Your Favourite Juices!

As people today are concerned about their body weight on a serious note, there are many things that they follow to achieve their goal. Many new unique and hard-to-believe ideas come in the market for losing or gaining weight. One such idea for losing weight is Juices! People are going crazy over natural juices for various reasons. But do juices really work? Well, read through and you will know if you can really go for weight loss with your favorite juices! 

Hardcore exercises, striving yourself with hunger, cutting down all your favourite foods and what not! There is so much that you do for the sake of losing just a few kilos of your weight. Does all this struggle really give you great results? Well maybe not! 

Weight Loss With Your Favourite Juices

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All these weight loss tips are not completely wrong or rubbish. After all, they have been told to you because somewhere in some way, they have provided the desired results. What is the problem going on then? Maybe you are not doing it right! Every little thing needs to be followed hand-in-hand when you are thinking of losing your body weight. 

The most important role played in this process is by your daily routine diet. People usually compromise with their daily consumption of food for the sake of weight loss. However, this is wrong. You do not have to cut down your intake of foods that are required by your body, instead, you just need some changes in your diet and make a weight loss diet for yourself.

Along with different weight loss foods, you also need to have fruits and veggies in your diet. Fruits and some vegetables have the least fats and provide great nutrition to our body. However, if you keep eating fruits and vegetables all at once, your body would not be able to absorb all the nutrition adequately. You are probably confused now, but do not worry at all! You are about to know the best of losing weight. 

Your weight loss diet has to be a healthy diet, and nothing is more healthy than fruits and veggies. But who said you need to eat all of them at once? You can drink them! Yes, you can have fruits and vegetable juices in your diet to lose weight. Juices are legit the best way to have fruits and vegetables in. There are loads and loads of benefits that juices can provide our body with. 

When we talk about losing weight, there are a lot of ways in which you can consume juices. You are probably wondering about why you need juices in your weight loss diet. Well, here is why! 

juices in your weight loss diet

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Why Juices For Weight Loss? 

The biggest benefit of juices is that they are more easily absorbed by your body than any other food. Your body won’t be able to get as much nutrition from fruits and vegetables in any other form than juices. With least fats, juices have also proven to give your body instant energy. Moreover, they are quite easy to consume. Just drink a glass of juice anytime you like and you are done. It saves your time plus brings you a little closer to your goal every single day. 

How to Lose Weight With A Juice Diet? 

People who have already tried to lose weight before, know that losing weight is a slow and a bit hard process. You cannot just try doing it and expect getting instant results. Everything takes time. When we talk about losing weight with juices, we mean to choose the right juices and take them on the right time. There are many ways and methods of taking juices regularly. 

A juice diet does not mean to solely rely on juices for everything that your body needs. You obviously need to have your meals with juices. It’s just that while following a juice diet, concentration is paid more to the juices that you are consuming with a diet that includes weight loss foods. A juice diet is made with keeping in mind that your body gets the required nutrition regularly and that you do not feel hungry. All the processed foods and sugars are also restricted when you follow these juice diets. However, that is not much of a problem because juices help in reducing your cravings. 

Why Juices For Weight Loss

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Moreover, you can have your juice diet made with the help of a nutritionist. Other than this, you can also go for a juice cleanse or juice detox. In the middle of following your weight loss plan, you can give yourself a juice detox. Detox helps in cleaning your body inside out. Even while following regular diet plans, juice detox is recommendable to have once in a while. You can have this detox or a juice cleanse for 3,5 or even 7 days according to your body needs. Some juice cleanses also advise to rely solely on juices for a day or two, to give your body a break from all the heavy and unhealthy foods. This juice cleanse will boost the process of your weight loss naturally.

However, if one has no pressure of losing weight, they can just add juices with the right ingredients in their diet plans and get optimum results. Now that you know that juices can majorly help you in losing weight, there are some other important things to know as well. Although every fruit and vegetable is healthy, there are still some specific fruits and vegetable juices that work best in case of losing weight. 

  • Cucumber: With loads and loads of water with the least calories, cucumbers are great for losing weight. It will keep you hydrated for a long time, could down your body and give instant refreshment when consumed with any other fruit. They are rich in vitamin A, B and C, that means nutrition too. Also, they have zero fats, making them a perfect partner in your weight loss plan. 
Cucumber for weight loss

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  • Apples: We all know what healthy fruit is an apple. But did you know that you can lose weight with this red fruit? Yes, apples are low in calories and high in fibres. Their richness of fibres and carbohydrates give instant energy when consumed and keep your stomach feeling full. Their low calories help in reducing and maintaining body weight. 
  • Coconut Water: Starting your day with this wonder drink in your weight loss diet will not only help you lose weight, but it will also keep you fresh throughout your long busy day. Coconut waters are low in calories and are easy to absorb for your stomach. It has bio-active enzymes in it which ease the digestion and boost body metabolism. Also, coconut water will keep you full for sufficient time. 
  • Watermelon: We all know that watermelons are 90% water, that means a hydrated body for a really long time. They are also very low in calories, making them great for weight loss. Moreover, this big ball of sweetness is rich in an amino acid called arginine, this acid helps in burning fats very quickly. So, with a boost of refreshment, this fruit will also help you lose weight.  

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Watermelon Drink For weight loss

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All these fruits in the form of juices will keep you fresh, healthy and will also help in achieving your goals. Just have them at the right time with the proper meals and you are done! 

Now, losing weight with juices sounds super easy and fast, right? Well, it is a little different. Only consuming juices and dreaming of that perfectly healthy body is not possible. With these juices in your routine, you also need to follow some little things. Exercises are important. You need to regularly exercise to get great results. Drink enough water during your long busy day. Also, cut down on those processed foods for a little time, they are of no good anyways!

Moreover, talking about juices, then there are many brands and companies out there which offer different kinds of juices. How do you choose your weight loss juice? You need to choose natural pure and healthy juices. And in this case, nothing better can work other than cold-pressed juices. Cold-pressed juices are the ones that get no heat and oxygen involved during the process of extraction, thus giving you all nutrition possible. They assure to give you 100% natural and pure taste with no extra preservatives or water added. 

Cold Pressed Juice

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Are you wondering about how you will start your process of weight loss with your favourite juices? Well, you do not have to search for them, because we are here! Here at Juice app, you will find a wide range of 100% natural and heavenly tasting cold-pressed juices. With the option of customization, you can choose your favourite ones that fulfil your requirements. Why wait then? Order your pack of juices for weight loss, from Juice app, today!


Can juices help in both weight loss and weight gain? 

Depending on the requirement of the body, you can choose to add juices in your daily routine. Like there are juices that help in weight loss, there are also some that give effective results in weight gaining. You just need to search and you will get a list of them.

Are Juices enough to lose weight?

No, you obviously need to compromise on some of your eating habits along with adding juices to your diet plans. Exercise regularly, drink loads of water, have more juices and less to eat. On following these small tips, it will become easier to lose weight for you.

How often should I drink Juices in a day in order to lose weight? 

The number of juices to consume depends on the need of your body. If it is just about a few kilos to lose, you can have juices once or twice in a day, in your breakfast and in the evening. However, if you are wishing some considerable amount of weight, then it is recommended to have juices at least 3 to 4 times a day for optimum results.

Does Juice app offer only weight loss juices? 

At Juice app, you will find a wide range of cold-pressed juices in vast flavours and combinations. Every juice has its own speciality. Not only weight loss juices, but you can also order some weight gain juices for yourself. Along with juices, they also offer Smoothies that can help in gaining weight. Moreover, they also have a vast variety of shots that are specially made with keeping in mind your body’s daily requirement of overall nutrition.