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Cold-pressed Juices For A Clear Skin

With all the pollution, harmful sun rays and blue light rays around us, it has become so hard to maintain naturally healthy and glowing skin. Although there is no task impossible to do! In this rapidly changing world, people are also finding new ways of keeping themselves glowing inside out, and of such latest ways is Cold-pressed juices. People are preferring Cold-pressed juices for skin cleansing! 

We know what you are wondering! Does really Cold-pressed juice help cleanse your skin? Well! Read through and you will get answers to all your questions related to Cold-pressed juices and skin to cleanse.

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In today’s era where almost everything can happen with just a click, no one is interested in long procedures. People keep coming up with new, quick and easy ways of making themselves perfect in every way possible. One such way that they have come up with, in recent times, is Cold-pressed juices. 

Cold-pressed juice is a new term in the Indian market but has taken no time in gaining popularity among the people. There are many reasons behind these particular juices being in limelight, Glowing skin and hair are one of the many wise reasons. You are probably having a few questions related to this juice beauty and its benefits. Do not worry, you are now going to get the answers to all your questions. 

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Why not a Regular Juice? 

This question probably pops up in the mind when someone talks about the benefits of cold-pressed juices. It’s understandable! After all, we have been drinking the normal traditional juices for years now. It cannot be said that the normal juices are a total waste. They do give us nutrition with great taste but they provide us with less nutrition as compared to the Cold-pressed juices. The reason is that both heat and oxygen is involved in the process of extraction of the regular juices. This heat and oxygen break down much of the nutrition from our juices. Also, Cold-pressed juices have a much longer shelf life than our regular juices. 

There are a lot of drawbacks of the regular juices that we have been drinking till now. They have extra sugars and water in them. Also, to increase their shelf life, extra preservatives are added to regular juices. Also, some brands even add artificial flavours and colors to their juices. If we talk about cold-pressed juices, nothing like that happens with them. 

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Why should you drink cold-pressed juices?

It is obvious to have such a question in mind when you do not have whole knowledge about a particular term. But it’s okay! We will tell you everything about cold-pressed juices. 

Cold-pressed juices are today getting all the attention because of their technology of extracting juices. These juices are cold-pressed, that is they do not come in contact with heat and oxygen during the process of extraction, hence locking all the nutrition of fruits and vegetables in the juices for you. They have no extra water and sugars added in them, making them the most natural and pure of all the other juices available in the market. 

Cold-pressed juice is the best juice for glowing skin and hair. Not only these juices are the best juice for skin, but they are also great for maintaining a healthy and fit body. 

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You may even think about why only juices? You can eat your fruits and veggies and you are done! But hey, did you know that juices are absorbed by your body way better than fruits and veggies that you eat! Also, when you eat fruits and veggies, your stomach feels full just after having some. Although, when you drink juices, your body absorbs much more of fruits and veggies as compared to when you eat them. 

Cold-pressed juices give instant refreshment and energy to your body. They have the ability to keep you hydrated for a long time. Your skin is instantly given long-lasting hydration and freshness with Coldpressed juices. 

Now you probably know what are Cold-pressed juices and how beneficial they are. However, when we are talking about Cold-pressed juices for skin cleansing, there are many more elements in this to think about. Your skin type, your skin requirement, everything is needed to be analyzed before going for a cold-pressed juice! 

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The best juices for skin! 

When we talk about juices particularly for skin nourishment, we can not randomly decide to have any kind of juice. Though all the flavours of Cold-pressed juices work great for healthy skin, there are still some flavours in juices which work best for every kind of skin type. Why waste any more time then? Let’s dig in to find out which will work best for your skin requirement! 

  • What Drinks Make Your Skin Glow? 

Well, every Cold-pressed juice that you wish to drink can give you an amazing glow! However, if you wish to see fast results then you can go for tomato juice or beetroot juice. These two ingredients can give you amazing results, that too in a short time span. Both tomatoes and beetroots can provide your skin with that pink bubbly glow naturally. Also, these juices will make you feel full and energetic instantly! 

  • Which juice is good for pimple-free skin? 

Is your skin acne-prone? Do not worry! We have Juice skin care tips for you too. Go for Cold-pressed juices that have yellow and orange fruits like carrots, oranges and dark green leafy veggies like spinach. These fruit and veggie juices can do wonders to your acne-prone skin. 

Follow these tips to get glowing skin and pimple-free skin. These juices will not only enhance your skin health but will also give your body and its organs a boost of refreshment and energy! 

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The best Juice for Skin? 

Honestly, Cold-pressed juices of all veggies and fruits work great in keeping a body healthy and fit. While talking about skin, All cold-pressed drinks are good for the skin. There is no such thing as the best juice for skin. Some of the juices may work better than the other in case of some specific skin requirements. 

One fruit or vegetable cannot have all the qualities of keeping the skin glowing. For maintaining healthy glowing skin, you need to have all the fruits and vegetables.

Even if you can not have juices on a regular basis, you can still give yourself juice skincare. You can give yourself a break from unhealthy food and get yourself healthy juices for the skin once in a while. Choose a juice detox plan of a few days, you won’t regret your decision. There are many brands which offer particular juices for healthy skin and hair, you just need to choose yours.

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Moreover, only Cold-pressed juices are not enough to get glowing skin. With juices, your diet also plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy. So eat healthily and glow! Also, keep yourself hydrated all the time. Give yourself sufficient sleep. The most important thing, do not put yourself in stress! When your mind will be relaxed, it will be reflected on your skin. 

All these great properties make Cold-pressed juices the best for your skin cleansing. Now, you must be probably planning to add this juice beauty to your daily routine for the sake of your sensitive skin. Yes, you should definitely add cold-pressed juices for skin glow, but not every cold-pressed juice out there can be consumed. But do not worry, we have got a solution for you! Order your pack of Cold-pressed juices from our Juice app. Here at Juice app, we offer 100% natural, pure and healthy juices with delicious taste. With no sugars, water or extra preservatives added, our cold-pressed juices can be your healthy skin glow partner! Moreover, we have a wide range of mouth-watering flavours for you to choose your favourite. What are you waiting for? Order your pack of the healthiest juices from Juice app, Now! 


Does Juice app offer only Cold-pressed Juices? 

At Juice app, you will find a variety of drinks including Shots and smoothies. Along with 100% natural, pure and healthy cold-pressed juices, they also offer 100% natural, pure and tasty smoothies and shots. These smoothies and shots are loaded with proteins, minerals and nutrition to provide you sufficient energy.

Can I get a pack of skincare juices from Juiceapp?

Juice app offers Cold-pressed juices in a vast range. Their collection has juices ranging from flavours of beetroots to coconut. They also have juices of healthy fruits and veggies blended together. You can choose and customize your pack of juices as per your skin requirements at the best rates.

How much does it cost at Juice app to get a monthly subscription of Cold-pressed juices?

At Juice app, they offer the healthiest juices with heavenly taste at very reasonable rates. You can contact them through their website or their social media pages and order your monthly pack. You will be getting your order of fresh cold-pressed juices delivered at your doorstep.

What products can I order from Juice app for glowing skin?

You can check out their website and find the vast range of products that they have to offer. They have 100% natural, pure and heavenly tasting Cold-pressed juices, shots and smoothies. Along with their juices, the smoothies and shots that they offer, also give amazing results in terms of glowing skin and healthy body. They also offer customization of products as per customers’ needs.