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Diet And Exercise For Healthy Body

Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Body and Mind

All of us have come across this fact, these days more frequently than the usual; Diet and Exercise collectively contribute towards a Healthy Body and Mind. But honestly, this pandemic has left us all cosying around in our homes watching Netflix or slogging in front of screens, with a routine like never before!

To add to this laziness, we have started a Masterchef League in our own kitchens. This combination of cosy and tasty has spoiled us to the extent that we are barely thinking about our bodies.

If things continue the same way, then soon we will have the largest army of couch potatoes around! How about we stop and analyse before the reign of lazies prevail. 

The whole idea of “Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Body and Mind” has disappeared into thin air with growing concerns of risks related to the current pandemic.

In such a situation where physical distance has to be maintained all the time, it is obviously not possible to go running or even to the gyms for being fit. Neither do people take care of the specific diet that can keep them fit, instead, they are just focusing on staying away from whatever is rumoured to increase the risks of being vulnerable to the disease. Then, the option left with us is to exercise at home and prepare a nutritious and healthy diet for benefits to one’s body and mind. But home doesn’t give you that vibe of exercising and being specific about your diet, right? 

Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Body and Mind

Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Body and Mind

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Home is the place where we relax, then obviously how can we think of getting fit in such an aura? For this, you have got to first train your mind. Set this thing up in your mind that you need to get fit. Set your goals and make a strong decision on working for that goal. Once you know what you need to work for, it will become way easier to actually work for it. 

But don’t know where to start after setting up your goal? What is diet and what is exercise? Whether to focus on diet and exercise? Does exercise or gym help in weight loss? What are the most beneficial weight management and weight loss diets and exercises?  Well, we have some suggestions for you which can make it possible. Try these plans and get a step closer to your ultimate goal.

Make your Clean Eating Diet

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Make your Clean Eating Diet 

Home gives out a cosy vibe that will never encourage you to follow all those sweat-dripping plans of getting fit. So here’s an idea, try Clean Eating with a little exercise, and you are done. You’re obviously making sure about the cleanliness of the fruits and vegetables that you bring in your home, but also make sure that you eat clean.

Try avoiding all the deep-fried food and switch to a Healthy Eating Plan. Now, a healthy eating plan starts with breakfast. Make sure that you have some instant-energy giving food in the morning. Sprouts, some fruits or oatmeal accompanied by a glass of milk and some bread will make up a perfect breakfast for you. In the afternoon, have your regular Indian meal. Later in dinner, try to have something light of your choice. You should have something in your evening tea-time too, it’ll keep you energetic. 

When you follow this healthy diet, you also have to take care of your digestion. No amount of healthy eating can be beneficial if the digestion is not proper. We have got you covered for this too, do a little exercise. You can go for a walk on your terrace, do simple exercises, or can do Yoga. Yoga will not only keep your digestion on point, but it will also give you better skin and blood circulation. If you plan on Yoga, then make sure that you do it before 8 AM. Merely 20-30 minutes of Yoga will freshen you up and you will be ready for your day. 

03 Food Diet to Lose Weight -

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Food Diet to Lose Weight

For those who’re trying to get in shape but could not get out of their cosy zone, we have got you covered too. Who said you need to drip loads of sweat to get in shape? You can try a combination of Good Diet and Exercise. When you think of losing weight through your diet, try to eat heavy in the morning and more light in your dinner. Is Gym good for weight loss? Yes, but is it mandatory, no. You can always work out at home.  You can try some simple weight loss exercises like walking, jogging, yoga or pilates. In weight management, there is no Diet vs Exercise, both work hand in hand. So get ready and sweat it out.

You should go more for drinks and less for the actual eating. It is obvious to have a question in your mind similar to “What is diet?” But don’t worry, you can consult a nutritionist and make up a Simple Weight Loss meal plan with them, as they will guide you with the perfect meal to lose weight. Moreover, cut off your sugar intake and replace it with proteins. Have more eggs, milk and paneer as these are some richest protein sources to have. Consume foods rich in fibre such as vegetables which provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories which also avoids overeating. Stay hydrated, have green tea and coffee.

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Strengthen up those muscles

Even if one is fit in the appearance, exercise is still needed to maintain that fitness. Also, some extra exercise to tone up those muscles will harm nobody, It will just give you a better toned up body shape. To get this toned up body, you need to do some common exercises like planks, squats, crunches and sit-ups.

These exercises will surely strengthen your muscles and tone them. Also, when we are talking about exercise, there is one thing you need to know. It is often said to exercise early in the morning for best results, but you can literally exercise at any time you want. Yes! The time of your workout will not affect the results. You just need to fix a particular time of exercising and make up a pre-workout diet.

Always eat less in quantity, yet something that gives you instant energy before your workout. A small amount of milk with fruit or some peanuts can help you. After working out, make sure to not eat anything till one hour, and your workout plan is ready. 

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Apart from these plans, make up some small habits in your routine. Drink more water, do not stay dehydrated for a long time. Make a habit of drinking warm water just after you wake up. These little habits will bring a major change in your health. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Most vegetables are low in fat and calories and none of them have cholesterol which is a significant attribute.

In this time of Covid-19, no matter how you clean your veggies and fruits, there’s always a risk of infection. So why not opt for fresh fruit and vegetable juices? Order 100% raw, fresh and pure juices made from a combination of fruits and vegetables for home and gym delivery. These juices are 100% preservatives free with no water and sugar added. Order your subscription now!


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