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Digestion Care



Inclusions:  13 Bottles of 200ml & 100ml each (in all 26 Bottles)
1 Juiceapp Bottle delivered to you everyday for a month. (Sundays excluded)

  • Vegetable & Fruit Juices: Urja, Yuva, Niroga.
  • Fruit Juices: Pineapple, Aanar Mosambi, Apple Pomegranate, Orange Mosambi, Sangam Mix, Coconut Crush.
  • Immunity Shots: Amla Ginger, Giloy Basil, Aloe vera, Karela Cure, Lauki Shot, Wheatgrass Coriander.
  • Vitamin C & Brain Booster Shots: Anar Shot, Apple Shot, Apple Beetroot Carrot, Pineapple Shot, Mosambi Shot, Orange shot, Mix fruit Shot.


Sometimes the feast from the day before can give your tummy a hard time. To make sure you have fibre-rich start to your day and to keep constipation at bay, we bring to you Digestive Care Pack. Specially designed to solve all your tummy troubles with one tasty bottle of fresh, cold-pressed juice every morning.